COVID19 and Co-Working

These unprecedented times have forced and encouraged us to think outside of the box with where and how we conduct business. The pandemic has encouraged companies to find unique and alternative ways to engage and continue to keep the company morale high, even from afar. 

Meeting in person, safely.

Many companies are embracing telework and remote working, which has proven that coworking spaces play a key role in this program as companies are relocating remote workers and helping them plug into the local scene. Large companies are swiftly looking to downsize their office spaces, as the need for it becomes less and less with many employees working remotely amid COVID19 affecting companies globally. For many, remote working was foreign and many are navigating ways to make it a seamless transition. Although, that doesn’t mean all those remote workers will work at home forever. After a couple of months of lockdown and working at home, our instinct tells us that millions of individuals will be eager to work from somewhere else, anywhere else. While many coffee shops and other spaces in which one would go to escape the home-office are closed, coworking spaces provide the haven that so many have been looking for during these uncertain times. 

Coworking spaces don’t only serve the specific needs of remote workers: they are a crucial support structure for small businesses, sole proprietors, the self-employed, and other entrepreneurs. For many of them, working at home doesn’t provide a solution. Entrepreneurs, business owners, and workers will need social networks and local connections more than ever to regain their footing. When lockdowns end, however, we will all still need a little bit of encouragement and help on our journeys. Community strength will be essential in helping people reconnect, build new networks, and support each other. This is what effective coworking spaces offer: a community hub and essential sources for local connectedness that is a key ingredient to our cities rebounding from the pandemic itself. If anything, this crisis highlights why flexibility is valuable for companies. 

Coronavirus will very likely completely shift the way traditional office space looks and operates. Most of us can attest that working from home is not for everyone, and many would prefer to return to the office to re-establish a sense of normalcy. As the public health crisis continues, the concept and standard ideas of ‘office space’ will undoubtedly also have to be altered in order to ensure employees feel safe being there. Many companies will be looking to downsize from traditional office space with long lease terms into flexible coworking spaces that can accommodate rapid changes in their needs. Our coworking space at Bottega Exchange in Las Vegas can provide office environments for new remote workers who choose to work outside the office. Our coworking space also has options for private office space, shared office space, virtual office, and event space in the heart of our city. The opportunities are endless for those looking for a change of scenery outside of the home office, and for business owners that are finding creative ways to downsize from their large office spaces occupied before the pandemic. 

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