Managing small events during COVID19 at Bottega Exchange

In an active response to COVID19, many businesses are implementing improvised strict health rules set forth per state to minimize the risk of spread at small gatherings/events. While most brands and businesses have had to pivot their ways of executing business, here at Bottega Exchange it is no different. As we have started reintroducing small-scale events to our city, we are evolving and discovering ways to ensure that these gatherings are safe for every individual attending them. While our coworking office in Las Vegas offers flexible options for a community coworking space, rentable private and shared office space, and virtual offices – we also have over 3,000 square feet of usable space to offer for events (which we miss dearly, by the way). With that being said, we are very in tune with how to gracefully work with and not against the current regulations concerning small events with COVID19. 

We wholeheartedly acknowledge that there is still a lot of uncertainty around COVID19, the events you’re wanting to host, and the health of your attendees. So, here at our coworking space in Las Vegas, we have authored an easy-to-understand guide that’s a little lighter on the panic and much heavier on practical advice amid the pandemic, and how to navigate it soundly for your small events. 

What is the best way to go about this? Well, we’re here to help. 

  1. All events are pre-planned and will abide by the current Governor’s orders of no attendees over 50 people capacity. 
  2. Everyone is required to wear a face mask and encouraged to socially distance themselves while inside of the facility. We have masks readily available for all attendees and members that may need one upon arrival, and all tables/chairs have 6 feet of socially-distanced elbow room for you. 
  3. There are multiple hand sanitizer stations throughout the facility, as well as three different areas in which you can wash your hands often. . 
  4. The entire space is thoroughly sanitized and cleaned upon any and all events occurring within our walls. 

Despite the current, rather a turbulent world climate, industry professionals, venues, and organizations have still found ways to support one another and their communities. While many businesses worldwide have transitioned from in-person meetings to migrating events to digital forums, Bottega Exchange can still offer a safe space to host virtual events as well. 

It’s natural to feel waves of uncertainty during these times, with feelings of confusion and being overwhelmed. Although, even when this is the case, we are being proven that humanity is playing out on small and large levels to acclimate, accommodate, and be fluid with whatever is thrown at us. Together, we are stronger and communities are growing closer each and every day. 

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