• Start : 2020/03/14 13:00
  • End : 2020/03/14 16:00

1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Gentle Giants: Is There Peace in Your Presence?

The goal of this event: To empower, educate and influence others in their Parenting approach.

Your $35 ticket includes light appetizers and sweets, mimosas, and coffee bar. Plus our dynamic speaker, Marina Fowlkes.

Gentle Giants brings a raw, strong approach to a truth in parenting. Marina Fowlkes gives biblical insight on the meaning of “the rod” and encourages you to use as intended.

Marina draws from her experiences as a foster mom, group home manager, and a mother of three children. Gentle Giants will give you a look into the heart of God the Father and how He desires for us to raise our children in a peaceful state of mind.

Marina reveals the importance of using authority the way Jesus did on earth so that our children run to you in times of trouble as we should run to God and not hide in fear. This event will challenge your daily parenting approach, you will learn how to bring peace into your presence.

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